Travel in Coach… by Choice

This blog is for those who are exhilarated by the thought of stepping off a plane into another place and culture. And who want to get maximum bang for their travel buck.

I travel in coach… by choice. The less I spend, the more I travel. 

Siena, Italy.
The Crayola color “burnt sienna” was inspired by Siena’s ubiquitous terracotta brick.

Maybe you dream of that first trip abroad.  Or you’ve jaunted across the pond(s) 1,004 times.  It doesn’t matter.  Travel in Coach is for those looking to travel cheaper, more, and better. 

We’ll explore concrete steps to help you book, plan, and love travel.  Once you have these strategies under your belt, a lifetime of travel value awaits.

International travel is not just for millionaires!  There are fantastic deals when you use strategies that we’ll explore.  Thanks to airbnb, travelers (especially families) have their choice of homes that offer more space than hotels at a cheaper cost… and you’ll live like a local.  When it comes to food and sightseeing, there are smart choices for every budget.

Travel in coach… by choice. The less you spend, the more you’ll travel.

And about money…. No matter how much you save, travel takes moolah. So we’ll also explore personal finance tips and credit card choices that will let you love travel more. 

In terms of format, we’ll blend pearls of travel wisdom—general rules of the wayfaring road—with concrete savings strategies.  Together, these insights will help you stretch your travel dollar.  Let’s get started….