Foot spa, Manila, Philippines
“Foot spa.”  Fish feast on my foot’s dead skin in Manila, Philippines.

Before we jump headlong into the world of travel strategies and resources, it’s worth asking: Why travel? 

Many of our homes are crammed full of comfort and convenience: streaming video, smart TVs, smart phones, smart bulbs, smart thermostats….  Why leave that behind?   Why bother with a long, cramped overnight slog to a country with different food, language, and customs? 

Travel is an experience.  It’s as much journey as destination.  Travel guru Rick Steves describes travel as “freedom . . . one of the last great sources of legal adventure.” 

But travel is not simply a thrill.  It is “intensified living,” as Rick Steves says. And we all know that life has a way of challenging and changing us.  Why travel? Because we always come home a bit different. Changed.

So, if you’re looking to tick travel boxes by visiting as many places as fast as possible to impress neighbors and coworkers—all while enjoying comfort surpassing that of your smart home—you might not love Travel in Coach (Though you should read it, often, before you come to that conclusion). 

This blog is geared for those who are open to the full experience of travel. Who are open to encountering the unexpected. Who are looking to travel in coach… by choice. And who know that the less they spend, the more they’ll travel.

As you read on, never stop asking, Why travel?