Let Scott’s Cheap Flights Do the Hard Work of Finding Airfare Deals

Manually searching for deals is time-consuming and inefficient. You need someone to do the hard work of finding airfare deals for you.

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Google Flights, Kayak, and Hopper are indispensable tools for the value traveler.  I have used each of them—and their fare alerts—to snag cheap plane tickets.  But manually searching for deals is time-consuming and inefficient.  You need someone to do the hard work of finding airfare deals for you.    

This is where Scott’s Cheap Flights comes into play.  Outsource the work of finding cheap flights to Scott and team.  Use this link to sign up for the free service or to go premiumfor 51% off the normal price (through January 31, 2021).

Scott's Cheap Flights logo

Scott’s Cheap Flights Delivers the Deals

For years, Scott’s Cheap Flights has been my go-to source for exceptional air travel deals.  Founder Scott Keyes landed a $130 ticket from New York to Milan in 2013.  After that, his friends wanted in.  Scott’s Cheap Flights was born.

Let Scott's Cheap Flights do the hard work
A rare photo of Scott. He’s the brooding sort.

Start by entering your email and selecting a service level—limited (free) or premium (paid).  Then pick your home airport and one or more departure airports.  That’s it.  You’ll be read to fly in minutes.

Limited (Free) or Premium (Paid)

The limited plan is free! Just realize you will only see a fraction of the deals (about 1 out of 5).  Still, Scott’s limited is a good way to see what Scott’s Cheap Flights is all about.

If you’re an avid traveler, it’s worth shelling out the $49 a year for the full monty. Through 1/31/2021, the first year is on sale for only $24… a 51% discount off the regular price!  Sure, even $24 is a decent chunk of change.  But Scott’s Cheap Flights easily pays for itself, even if you only book a Scott’s deal every few years.  One flight deal can save you hundreds per ticket. 

Still not sure? Sign up for a free trial of Scott’s premium plan. If you like what you see, by January 31, lock in at only $24 for the first year.

Departure Airports

After selecting your home airport (where you normally start and end trips), you’ll identify one or more departure airports.  These are airports you are willing to depart from if the price is right.  I recommend choosing several departure airports.  At least one of them should be a major international airport. 

Barbara in Baltimore
Babs casts a mysterious silhouette over Maryland

For example, Barbara lives in Baltimore.  Babs would select Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) as her home airport.  (And I thought Atlanta’s airport had a long name).

BWI will automatically be included as a departure airport.  Barbara should definitely include Dulles International Airport as a departure airport.  Dulles is only an hour’s drive from Baltimore.  Barbara might also include Philadelphia– and maybe Newark and New York–as departure airports.  Babs wouldn’t mind driving two or three hours, or hopping on a train, if the price is right.

Paris, France

Remember that flexibility is the travel superpower, so be willing to go small.  Even if you live near a big airport, list a couple of smaller airports in your region as departure airports.  Market forces affect airports differently.  Although I live near Atlanta, my departure airports include Birmingham, Alabama; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Greenville, South Carolina. 

See a sale involving multiple cities but not yours?  Head to Google Flights, Kayak, or Hopper to see if the same destination is on sale from your desired departure airport.  For example, if Scott’s Cheap Flights shows Paris on sale from a bunch of airports (say, Dulles, Newark, JFK, and Charlotte) there’s a chance you can find a deal departing from Philadelphia or Atlanta.  Look for destinations that are on sale, and then check for similar deals from other airports.

Sit Back and Let Scott’s Work Hard

That’s it.  Choose premium or free, set your home and departure airports, and wait for Scott’s deals to roll into your inbox.  You’ll likely see several deals a day.  Scott’s Cheap Flights does the hard work of finding airfare deals so you don’t have to.

Scott’s emails are clear and contain all the information you’ll need: destination, departure airport(s), price, normal price, how long the deal is expected to be around, travel dates, and airlines.  Here’s a recent example:

Scott's Cheap Flights sample

You don’t book flights through Scott’s Cheap Flights.  Find and book cheap flights through airline websites or, if you prefer, with Kayak, Hopper, or your favorite site.

Scott’s Now Does Dallas (and Denver)

Most businesses pivoted in response to the pandemic, and Scott’s Cheap Flights was no exception.  After demand for international travel plummeted due to COVID, Scott’s added domestic flight deals in July 2020.  Domestic deals are only available with Scott’s premium.

Recently, Scott’s alerted me to a cheap flight from Atlanta to Bozeman, Montana (marketed as close to Yellowstone National Park).  Tickets were a dirt cheap $195, with travel generally possible January through November 2021 (with limited routes during summer). 

With more destination options, you’ll be able to snag a cheap deal and then figure out why you want to go there.

The Takeaway

The Takeaway

Let Scott’s Cheap Flights do the hard work of finding airfare deals.  Combine Scott’s Cheap Flights with your own searches on Google Flights, Kayak, or Hopper, and you’re sure to find a cheap ticket.